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Face Foundation

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Face foundation | branded face foundation products in Pakistan

Its a dream of every women to get a skin that poses perfect without any flaws and do use multiple techniques to make this happen. We all know that face foundation is the makeup item that makes or breaks an entire look, in fact in 21st century these makeup face foundations are one of the most popular cosmetics now a day. Finding a perfect branded face foundation online can really be challenging situation for you ladies but there are many online makeup selling websites that gives you ease to choose your favourite product easily, plus their search bar helps you to find your product in seconds.

Branded Face foundation gives you multiple options as these face foundation acts as a face concealer or face powder or just the regular ones that get you through the day, face foundation can also sever your skin as a sun protector cream and even as an astringent. The best face foundation product available online are from Diana of London, dazz matzz, artdeco.

Liquid face foundation

Liquid face foundation are best for normal and dry skins and for those who looks dewy, liquid face foundation can fill your skin lines, wrinkles, and pores and it makes them less noticeable so the skin appears smoother. To give your skin more better feel there have been alot of advancement done in liquid face foundations, so there are many good ones available in the market, liquid face foundation are like a life savours in dry envoirments like winters, liquid foundation offer a layer of protection to help retain moisture in the skin. With the right liquid foundation you can cover all imperfections like blemishes, acne spots, fine lines and even redness. The right liquid foundation can solve all your skin woes and it enhances your overall complexion,

Powder face foundation

Powder face foundations are normally used for normal and oily combination, sensitive and acne prone skins and especially for those peoples who don’t like anything feeling heavy, as compare to liquid foundations these powder face foundations doesn’t give as much coverage to your face. While choosing powder face foundation choosing right texture is equally important always pick a powder foundation that is a skin tone deeper than your actual skin tone, with powder face foundation you should never go too bright blend your it properly and the most important part do not forget to apply it all over your face otherwise it`ll leave patches. Powder face foundation works as a basic type of makeup usually applied to the face to cover any flaws on the skin.

How to apply face foundation properly

Face Foundation gives the best way to achieve flawless skin, even on the days your skin is mis behaving, but for that you should know how to apply face foundation perfectly, and here is the tip, first you have to pick the right formula for you. Then prepare your face you can start with a clean canvas, apply your foundation dampen you sponge either with water or spray some makeup setting spray over it. Set your foundation by using a translucent powder, if still a certain areas of your face require extra coverage so you can make it up by repeating the same process.

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