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Mor to Go

Mor To Go is working for the past 10 years offering the best range of clothes for every fashion need. Dealing in stitched pret, western wear, and more, a quality which is never compromised and always economical.

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Tassels Sajaa De Festive Collection

Mor to go | Casual Pret | Ready to Wear Luxury Suits 

Whenever the need for casual, classy, trendy, pret wear comes to your mind. Mor to go is the brand for you. The brand is a premium producer of designer pret wear in pakistan. Having collections of luxury pret, casual pret, and ready to wear festive suits. The more you dig deep into the brand's various collections the more you’ll become a fan of it. Offering Pakistani ready made suits, Mor to go has now excelled in the category of pret wear in the textile industry. 


Mor to go Latest collections of 2022

As the industry is getting fast paced nowadays Mor to go has managed  to keep up with the trends and has provided pret collections that are fresh and novel in fashion. Such as, Monsoon to go pret collection 2022 launched in the monsoon season, the tie and die to go collection launched in the spring summer season, summer to go pret collection coming for the summer season with light and pastel shades to keep you cool. Then the eid collection, intricately crafted for the Pakistani eid/festive season. 


Mor to Go Monsoon to Go Pret Collection 2022

The Monsoon to go collection was launched in the midst of Monsoon season, Pakistan. The collection incorporated a wide range of casual pret lawn and cotton 2 piece outfits with beautiful shades of colors to choose from.


Likewise, the other collections are also crafted  with the finest fabric and designs that are levitating. Now that you must be intrigued by Mor to go you can explore all of the authentic collections online at Sanaulla store.