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Women's Luxury Shawl Collection | Kashmiri Shawls

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Dhanak Pret

Women's Luxury Kashmiri Shawl Collection | Kashmiri Shawls Range

Most of the woollen fabrics of Kashmir, and particularly the best quality shawls made from Pashm or Pashmina, which is the wool of Capra hircus, a species of the wild Asian mountain goat. Hence the shawls came to be called Pashmina. Grab the Best Kashmiri Shawls for Ladies, we have wide range of Kashmiri Shawls available in different colors and designs. 

Explore Women's Luxury Kashmiri Shawl Collection

Buy Women's Luxury Kashmiri Shawls Collection online, wide range of Luxury Kashmiri Shawls Range available at Sanaulla Online Store, explore the fabulous Women's Kashmiri Shawls Collection, order online & pay via cash on delivery or via credit card, delivering worldwide with 14 days exchange facility.

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