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Imrozia Premium

Lipsticks: Branded Lipsticks Online in Pakistan | Lipsticks - Best Selling Lipsticks | online branded lipsticks

Pretty lips are something what every woman wants. As lips are considered one of the most sensual parts of your body. And adding a dash of colour and shine will bring out their beauty. Lipsticks were considered as taboo in the early 20s until Hollywood stars helped popularize it as regular makeup. And now this makeup essential has become an important part of every women`s makeup. Some famous brand like artdeco, dazz mattz, Diana of London is easily available everywhere in Pakistan. Finding the ones that match your skin tone and not only match your skin tone but also work well with your skin type. There are many online lipsticks selling websites that will give you depth information on different lipsticks products that will help you to decide which brands to choose from, you can get them all at attractive prices and can also avail discounts online in Pakistan.

Branded lipsticks by top famous brands

Lipstick is one of the magic tool that ladies loves to use it complement your lip colour and add a beautiful look to your lips and face. Every women loves to see their lips attractive and glamorous, lips are a precious gift from god and they deserve good quality lip makeup DMGM, Artdeco, Diana of London and dazz mattz are few brands. Artdeco long wear lip colour is something to die for.

How to apply Lipsticks properly?

As we all know its from decades since lipstick has been the most popular tool of makeup, but if you`re not well aware of how to apply lipsticks properly then you might end up by messing around your face, although it is pretty simple for each of us but if you follow few ways then you might look like the beauty queen. First prepare your lips, apply a little base on it, use lip liner that`ll define your natural lip, then apply lipstick on it and once you`re done with the steps which we told you above then take some product and apply onto a lip brush and apply it evenly all over your lips.

Choose the right lipstick shade

Here is the tip for choosing the right lipstick colour that matches your skin tone, outfit and the occasion. First determine your skin tone, then choose colour that in one or two shades deeper than your natural lip colour, its up to to you if you want your lips look smaller or larger, then determine your undertone and complexion, the most important thing experiment with shades that experts recommend for your skin complexion and skin tone, keep it subtle. Wear your lipstick with pride because with the help of lipstick women get a classic look that any women can pull off.

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