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Face Primer

Imrozia Premium

Face primer | branded face premier in Pakistan

There is no part of body which women are much conscious about to take care other than face, they are very much self obsessed with themselves and they used several techniques to glow their face and to make life easier for women the cosmetic industry is providing them new formulas which gives the womens a relax feel. No matter how bad your skin is there is always a solution for all your skin problems. Makeup is a must have thing for a women. This cosmetic tool gives them confidence and allow them to show their personality in much manner full and beautiful way. It allow women to hide their defected side of face and. Finding a suitable face primer for your face can be a difficult task but there are many online websites who are specially made to serve for this purpose. Plus it gives you ease also to order your product where ever you are no worries about the location.

Face primer collection

In life everything has a pre requisite and so does face primer has, and the most important pre requisite for flawless, well turned out makeup is a perfectly done base. Nothing is more important than using a face primer in your make up process, this cosmetic tool help you in forming a base for all types of makeup, and once you are done with the primer you can easily apply your makeup smoothly on this even base. A face primer is a cream or a liquid type of lotion that is applied before another cosmetic to improve coverage of your face, face primer helps you create a smooth canvas for your makeup to go on with. Face primer from dazz matzz, artdeco and dgmg are suitable for all types of skin no matter its oily, dry or sensitive.

Ways to use face primer and its benefits

This question might pops up in your mind that why does women uses face primer, and what are its benefits. primer gives you and extra layer between your skin and make up this extra step saves you a lot of time and effort, primer gives you multiple benefits it underneath your makeup that will make it more long lasting, face primers also helps to smooth any fine lines, wrinkles or large pores, you can use primer with your fingers if you have a large amount of area like larger than a quarter otherwise we recommend you to use brush, primer help your makeup to wear longer and keep its shine more than usual. Plus this make up cosmetic can also serve as a lighter alternative to foundation.

How to find the right primer for your skin

Its definitely a hard task to choose a makeup primer based on your skin type and the effect you want, if you have a normal skin then there are plenty of option available for you and the ideal for you is spf primer, if you have oily skin then obviously you need a mattifying primer that will prevent you skin from becoming shinny and greasy throughout the day and for sensitive skin, premier are excellent for sensitive skin because they provide extra layer of protection from the environment. But you have to make sure you primer is low on fragrance, so it doesn’t cause any irritation.

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