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Face Powder

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Humdum Lawn Collection

Face Powder Online in Pakistan: Face Powder Setting & Mattifying | Branded face powder

No matter in which country you`re living in but it is a myth that fair skin is always been associated with social status, it is considered as a sign of nobility and tell you social status the trend setter of this fair skin was Egyptian queen when she started faking her bronzer skin with layers of white powders, and then it become a trend to use it, a world famous geishas from japan still paint and contour their faces with rice based compact powder for performances. Now many of the leading brands have started to make effort, progressively finding techniques to make similar organic products. Finding your products online was never been a difficult task, because of search engine it gives you ease to find your product in seconds. Face powders are available online in Pakistan at many authentic websites.

Branded face powder

Face Powder is considered as one of the most basic make up essential it adds a finished look to your make up look. Face Powder comes in different shades it just only brightens your face but also gives you a fresh look, it is a dream for every girl to get flawless and glowing skin. By just giving a quick touch of compact powder and you`re ready to go anywhere you want to. Compact powder are like life savers for girls who have oily skin as it helps to absorb excess oil and prevent your makeup from disappearing in jiffy, compact powder keep your face bright and oil free. Diana of London, dmgm and artdeco are offering compact powders and some of them are water proof too plus the best thing about compact powder from these brands is they are not too heavy on your pocket.

How to apply face powder?

Mostly make up comes in powder form. And the most common one are pressed or loose pigments  and minerals, there are many few who are well aware of how to use face powder properly on face. If you`re very used to cream then you might find it difficult to use powder on your face otherwise they are actually very simple to apply, you should pick the right powder foundation like it matches your skin tone of your face as closely as possible after that apply a make primer as it`ll give you smooth canvas to work on, then load the powder onto a brush and it depends on you weather you`re using loose or pressed powder foundation. Dust a light layer of foundation all over your face and then add more foundation to problem area,

Face powder for sensitive skin

Artdeco mineral compact powder is especially made for really sensitive skin, because organic ingredients in artdeco mineral powder can help prevent irritation. It can smooth pores and fill in fine lines it gives you full coverage without over applying and clogging your pores. So no matter your skin is oily or sensitive Diana of London absolute compact powder can help you maintain moisture while providing coverage dry patches.

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