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Eyelashes Extension Online: Eyelashes extension and eyelashes makeup

Despite the fact that all women loves makeup and this is the hot topic all over the world, eyes lashes are designed to be used around the eyes and on the natural lashes, it does not touches your as skin as it can cause irritaton. if you`re the one lady who just can’t afford to leave the home without her eyelashes extension then keep reading as we`re going to tell you about the eye extension available online in Pakistan. Finding a branded eye extension in Pakistan is really a difficult task but you don’t have to worry about as Sanaulla Online Store offering 100% original branded eye extensions at very pocket friendly prices plus also gives you some amazing discount offers that’ll surely going to make your shopping experience more memorable than ever.

Eyelashes extension Online

Eyeslashes are the answers of prayers done by girls. Eyelashes extension are similar to the ones you can get on your head and usually they are made of silk, mink or something synthetic that are attached to your existing lashes, if you`re the one who wants to grab attention on every event then these eyelashes are especially designed for you and there are many top brands who are offering eyelashes and eyelashes extension at very best affordable prices, eye lashes last longer than you think they can even last up to a month and a half, the best eyelashes available in market are by rivaj uk, Sophia asley and artdeco.   

How to apply eyelashes makeup

Many times women don’t apply eyelashes properly and end up messing with it, these fake eyelashes should be applied under the lash line instead of over it and you have to put the glue very carefully otherwise it can cause you some injurious health problems, this process is a very luxurious process and really enjoyable, you can lie in bed and close your eyes for an hour and a half while calming music plays in the background, use a brush and dab and blended concealer directly under you lash line then take a small brush dipped in gel liner or liquid eyeliner with a superfine tip above your water line for subtle definition, draw a line close as possible to your eyelid  and then extend the line with a thin tail to the outer corner of an eye, fill the wing according to your face and get the most beautiful look in the easiest possible way.

Benefits of using eyelashes makeup

Using eyelashes is a long and luscious, and this is what every women wants to have. Longer fuller and fluttery eyelashes, using eyelashes it will add volume to your natural eyelash, it will enhance your eyes and your look it will lift your lashes, eyelashes will add length and draw people into your eyes it will not require for the use of mascara plus it will not damage your natural lashes, these eyes lashes are water resistance so you don’t have to worry about it any longer. It will give your eyes a feel of light weight and natural and it will add fullness to your natural lashes.

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