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Dear Customer,
The reason why you are seeing this page, is that you had previously refused to accept delivery, in your last 5 or less shipped orders. As per our rules of operation, we do not process ‘Cash on Delivery’ orders for a customer who has previously refused to accept delivery in their last 5 shipped orders.

Please make a ‘Bank transfer’ payment for this order within the next '48 hours' to avoid cancellation.

In future, kindly accept all your placed ‘Cash on Delivery’ orders, so that such inconveniences can be avoided. We are thankful for your order and hope you will co-operate with us in creating a fairer and better shopping experience for everyone.

Bank Account Details
Account Title:Sanaulla Corporation (Pvt) Ltd
Bank Account:06-01-06-20311-714-164701
IBAN:PK50 MPBL 0106 0271 4016 4701
Branch Code:106
Branch Name:Shahrah-e-Quaideen Branch
Bank Name:Habib Metro

Once paid: please submit payment details here.
If you feel this message is sent to you in error, please feel free to email us at [email protected] so we may review it once again.