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Fashion Blogger Sponsorship Program

Join our Fashion Blogger Sponsorship Program

Are you a Fashion Blogger?

Do you want our dresses / store credits and other items for FREE?

Are you interested in sponsorship?
Then feel free to contact us [email protected] with all the relevant information. Mention Blog Collaboration in Subject.



Fashion Blogger Program Requirements


You must have your own blog with 10,000 users visits per month or at least 10,000 followers with one of your social accounts / page.

You will be working in one of our slots.

Option 1: Post on Our blog & promote the same on your Profile

  • You can be our fashion reviewer. We will call you our fashion Expert.
  • We will ask you to write on one single topic (which we will tell you).
  • You need to write around 1500 – 2000 word blog.
  • The content should not be published anywhere else.
  • We will post your article with your profile and blog link at our blog, after checking.
  • You need to post the same link on your Social profiles.

 Option 2: Write about us at your blog

  • We need you to write any blog post (we will tell you about topic) and recommend us to your viewers, and link it to our website www.sanaullastore.com and post, share and recommend us and talk about us on your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube.



What you will get?

You will receive Designer dresses / store credits and other items for FREE (based on your profile worth) – it will be decided before blog post.