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Chic Ophicial

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Chic Ophicial Online Store: Chic Ophicial Womens collection

Chic Ophicial is a young emerging brand in Pakistan fashion industry and this brand is not just for specific age group but it is for those who wants to wear modern yet traditional outfits, their version is to create fabrics that have eastern detailing while also giving touch of western elements to full fill their customers demand. Either you have plans to go on a casual event or at a formal event chic Ophicial main focus is to create cuts that justify the persona of modern women. We are deeply concern about the quality work that is why we redefine each piece for our clients through the intricacy and depth of design inherent in what we make. From day one that was our approach to be in the list of top marketing, manufacturing and provide services that will help our position as a premium brand.

Chic ophicial Men`s Kurta Shalwar collection

Western clothes are slowly fading the eastern fashion wear clothes that is only because the lack of interest shown by the designers in eastern clothes and that is chic ophicial has decided to get their hands in eastern wear clothing and provide clothes are designed according to modern style and cuts and can compete to modern way clothing style to we proudly showcase our traditional culture in beautiful way. Chici ophicial is offering their men`s kurta shalwar range which will give your heart a beat, in this collection they are offering kurtas paired with black and white trouser, they have used highly refined kapaas fabric and colours they have introduced are beyond imagination, these kurta shalwar can be an ideal choice to wear on morning eid prayers and eid night parties.

Chic Ophicial Festive Collection

Eid is a religious festival for us Muslim and it is celebrated all across the globe, in this blessed religious event every one priority is to look beautiful and graceful, Chic ophicial is one of the few brands who are involved in offering clothes for both gender including kids too, this time they are offering their festive collection that is designed with full of stunning styles and looks. This collection consists of 3 piece suits and each of the dress is adorned with modernity yet with a touch of traditional style. This collection contains bright shades and beautiful designs,

Chic Ophicial Kids Collection

Choosing clothes for your kids is definitely considered a hard task now a days, as kid wants to wear clothes of their choice and the generation gap between them and their parents wont let them do that, so chic ophicial decided to step in and offering most premium clothes for kids in this collection they have offered embellished colours and elegant designs which will help to enhance the beauty of the kid even more, this collection have clothes that are suitable for both casual and formal events, and here we are discussing the best part about this collection is they have adorned this collection with beautiful embroidery work and some of the dresses are also adorned with lace work, if you want your kids to look bright and wear bright then this collection is all about what you have asked.

Latest collection of Chic Ophicial available at local fashion stores

Latest collection of Chic Ophicial is hitting the fashion stores all over the Pakistan, visit there and buy your desire outfit or order it online from our official website and like our Facebook page for any further queries we`re always there to help. Order now and enjoy wearing beautiful dresses by Chic Ophicial.


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